What is domain name?

Domain name is an expressive, easy to remember and unique alpha-numeric notation which identifies and allows to connect to a web site or any other point on the internet.
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What is domain name system (DNS)?

For a proper communication on the internet, each terminal (e.g. a computer) must have a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address which is purely numeric. Since it's difficult for users to memorize and remember numbers, Domain Name System (DNS) which translates domain names to IP addresses had been developed in order to facilitate communication on internet. 
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What is ".tr" ?

Parts of domains are separated by dots and the hierarchy of domain names descends from right to left. The "top level domain" (TLD) is to the far right of a domain name. Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLD) are TLDs which are defined in ISO 3166 standard as two letter acronyms and represent a country or a geographical territory. ccTLD of Turkey is ".tr".
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Which domain names can I apply for?

Every domain name except the ones in the reserved lists which is defined in Ordinance on Internet Domain Names can be subject to application. However for the specific sub domains listed below, the required conditions must be met by the applicant.
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2nd level domain Party to be registrant
".av" Lawyers registered in Turkish Bar Association, legal companies and lawyer partnerships
".bel" Municipalities placed in records of Ministry of Interior.
".dr" Medical Doctors registered in Turkish Medical Association, MD partnerships, hospitals and 1st grade health institutions of Ministry of Health
".edu" Colleagues recognised by The Council of Higher Education
".gov" Public Agencies
".pol" Divisions within General Directorate of Security
".k12" Pre-school crèches, nursery schools, elementary schools, high schools recognised by Ministry of Education
".tsk" Divisions within General Directorate of Security

Can I reserve a domain name?

First come first take principle applies for registrations and hence no reservations are possible for domain names.
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How many domain names can I apply for?

There's no restriction on the number of domain names that can be applied for.
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Can I apply for a ".tr" domain name without giving my name and/or contact information?

Name and contact information are required for registration.
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Who should I contact with, if my domain name is not ending with ".tr"?

You can check the link for more information:

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What is registrar?

Registrars are parties who carry out processes such as registration, renewal and cancellation of domain names.
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What is dispute resolution service provider?

Dispute resolution service providers are professional organizations qua public body, universities or international organizations which resolve disputes regarding domain names via arbiters or arbitration boards. 
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